Friday, July 25, 2014

Prophecy and Creation

We have arrived, or better said, noticed now, a spot that is constantly adjusting – seemingly to our every thought.  This is the beginning stage of consciousness; awareness.  Until now, terms such as “the law of attraction” seemed like magic – only distant, occasional possibilities.  This perspective has changed as we today see evidence of our thoughts and words appear before our eyes as a matter of course. This, as a function and effect of the vibratory changes on the planet and within.  There is everyday evidence of creation and no doubt as to who is doing the creating.  It is us.

As you swim in a sea of reports and predictions about violence, catastrophe and collapse, it will benefit you astronomically to remember who is at the wheel.  The controls have never been turned over, regardless of how it looks.  Thoughts, words and actions create.  It is the same for every one of us.

There are no greater powers than those you hold.  Pay attention to the synchronicities of your day to day – they exist as “evidence” for your creative power and are ever so much more immediate and life changing than the goings on of world banks and governments.

For sure remain aware of global events as they unfold, yet focus on your own life.  You are creating the future with every thought and word.  As “time” seems to accelerate, “now” is constantly re-defined.  It is never the same “now”; only by your own repetitive re-definition does it feel the same.

It can change in an instant and at your command – with each re-focus of intention and attention.  This you know.  “Now” feels as oppressive and negative as your conversations around it.  It is through voice and emotions that life is constructed; your life.

The slavery mindset with its continual complaint about its hopelessness only perpetuates the hopelessness felt and experienced.  It is consensus that moves things forward and along. The wishes of the many take precedence and determine the timing and structure of events.

All events co-created are unable to be precisely predicted.  This means worldwide actions are never an absolute certainty or calendar date.  Life is a work in progress.  Decisions about where it is going are collectively made.  The loudest among us have an effect only to the extent that their choice is heeded by the rest of us.

Choose, intend and focus on the scenario that serves you.  You are not here by accident, but by choice.  Your obstacles are intended to produce in you the most rapid growth.  See them as tools rather than stop signs. 

We are called upon now to utilize the creative power we’ve only recently become aware of; to accelerate this shift to unity and collaboration – to love.  A violent instigation is not necessary, regardless of prophecy.

The shift is upon us, yet the journey stands ahead, waiting for our instruction.  Intend highest and best for all concerned, abundance in all arenas and a seamless transformation.  Expect love and your story will demonstrate your expectation.

It is your strength and determination that has gotten you this far.  Your light provides a beacon for the rest of us to follow.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Owning Freedom

We sense now a freedom because there is this energy of release that is blowing, a pre-cursor to this letting go of the iron grip held by the “controllers”. 

Freedom is not a state we fully comprehend.  It is an absence of debt in any sense – emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual.

The process of liberation is gradual and will be accomplished with persistence as well as tenacious, relentless focus.  You cannot be partially free.

To act from a self determined point of view means that each moment is approached and conducted by choice.  We have been asleep for a lifetime.  Things like paying taxes and fraudulent debt to corrupt systems are symptoms of slavery, not definitions of it.

Slavery is actually experienced internally and can be defined as a state of mind that imagines you are held back, limited or controlled by another being.  This is present in society today as a matter of course.

Once the chains are lifted and those controlling you have been removed, what then?  It will be upon us to determine what to do.  An absence of debt is something experienced primarily by the very young.  It allows for movement in any direction.  It does not guarantee prosperity or love or “justice”.  What it does is unleash your individual capacity to decide for yourself – everything.

To act in full consciousness exudes power.  To experience the day to day from a perspective of choice rather than fear is not something we are used to.

Many of our actions are taken to avoid pain – we obey rules and follow societal guidelines so we’ll fit in and be “allowed” to live comfortably.  The hierarchy of economics alone has you in a pre-determined spot you are mostly helpless to get out of.

A world without any monetary system of exchange is most likely not in our immediate future.  That may be where we are headed, but today it is light years beyond the general agreement of man.  Humanity chose to do this itself – accomplish liberation and then, define and structure its own society.

What this means is that as a group we are ripe for control all over again, simply because we don’t know any other way.  Ideas of acceptance, allowance and freedom will have to come from the heart of each of us.  This means adopting a sense of duty when that feels appropriate. 

No actions or attitudes will be undergone from a place of fear when we are actually free.  Take each thought and action and reconsider its origin.  We are masters at controlling each other.  Emotional debt is something that can never be completely paid unless released by both parties.

What will it mean to live free?  Certainly there will be no financial manipulation, but perhaps not as certainly there will be things like freedom to decide necessary elements for happiness – to include education, housing, government, money, work, recreation, love and artistic expression.  These are not all the facets of life but they are the ones now manipulated by those with an agenda.

Once man takes control of this world into his heart, it will operate as if each of us has equal relevance, importance and value.  This is truth.  The knowing and experiencing of this will demand an unobstructed view of all possibilities.  Seen clearly, decisions can be made that incorporate human rights.

Much of our language today was constructed as a result of the inequality that exists; a by-product of the program of control.  “Human Rights” are only an issue if there has been systemic abuse.  Man’s desire for control is part of his brilliance, yet it is also what is responsible for the domination effort that has taken over here.

There is a deep knowing of Unity that must emerge along with the physical liberation we are undergoing.  Only that truth, held and cherished within, will guard against further corruption.  This “truth” is what has been kept out of our media and government systems to the extent that we have forgotten.  We believe we are separate and there we justify the horrors of the modern world.

Ownership, worship, wealth and domination can exist only in a place that believes they are possible.  Sovereign and equal beings live in concert with every life form.  The nuances of control are easy to spot with eyes wide open.  They do not exist outside of us. 

Love and freedom are really the same thing.  Both are by products of trust.

This shift will not be easy, yet it will be simply defined.  With an open heart and a willingness to collaborate we can together become what alone was not possible.  Change is the reason we are here.  To experience this while physical is an extra-ordinary gift. 

Generations of programming have not altered our course.  We are waking up, as One, now catching glimpses of our multi-dimensional glory.  We are magnificent.  We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Choosing

If you focus only on life as you see depicted in your daily activities, it is only that world that you will conjure.  Your eyesight must withdraw from form as you know it, and tap deeply into other arenas.  These are places you have denied as real, perhaps disregarded them as dreams, yet all that you are capable of perceiving – is life.

You are life, drawn from the blueprint of Source itself.  How then could it be that anything you imagine is not life as well?

The fabric of existence is woven from luminescent fibers of what can loosely be labeled “thoughts”.  These ideas, or thoughts, spring from Source and are thus imbued with the very essence of creation, aka eternal essence.  All of life is an extension of life – how far backward or foreword it reaches is irrelevant.  The notion of before/after or first/last or older/newer is a nonsensical one.

It is akin to questioning the numeric value of love; an impossible quest.

Life is.  You are.  Expansion becomes the not completely satisfying way to express why we are here and how it all works.

If there is a reason for “the experiment” as it’s been called, and this ongoing emergence and awareness – it may be found perhaps in the word “stimulation”.  Contrast provides unending opportunities to inspire creation.

We are in many ways overwhelmed with stimulation here.  When beings come in, via channeling, they at first remark on how “wet” the body is, how distracting and crowded we are and how LOUD everything is.  These attributes exist regardless of sex, location or heritage – which provide a host of additional layers to these human suits.

Life is glorious, exciting, hideous and solitary.  It is accomplished in unison, as ONE; while every breath is taken alone.  As we develop the capacity to embody truth, we express eternity with every decision.

Choose who you are and the expression of your intent will be the only person looking back at you from the mirror.  Make the choice regardless of health or wealth or imagined happiness.  That choice is truly all that you have.

With every breath it is the choosing that emanates.  We see not your illness or your struggle but you in each interaction.  It is our deepest wish that you too recognize the magnificence of your truth.

For all of our differences, we become ONE in purpose.  We are here to express and expand the condition known as life.  All of our challenges yield growth; further our knowledge and lay groundwork for creation.  All of this, fueled by Source, the spark of love that makes it all possible.

Why have this conversation?  To introduce an idea that all of our moments hold equal importance and relevance.  There is no such thing as before or after.

You are already enlightened, healed, expanded, ascended and multi-dimensional.  This ride was so good that you are right now focused on it again; like re-living a spectacular afternoon.  There is no other more powerful or perfect for this moment than you.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Message from Inelia Benz

Dear Sophia,  

The ONLY reason why we have not been "formally" told by our government that our species is in constant contact with Extraterrestrial and Ultradimensional Aliens is because of POWER.  Power over others, power to do, power to own and sell new technology.  The reasons why Alien species have not made their presence commonly known to the human masses is because of PERSONAL AGENDAS and our own blindness.  There are agendas that benefit them, and our shadow governments, to keep us in the dark. And it's not because most of us plebs would panic and kill ourselves. Nope. It's about us plebs having access to technology, knowledge and awareness that would make each person unstoppable and uncontrollable. And our own blindness, well, we refuse to see them.

  ETs and UlraDs DO exist. They are all around us. A while back I talked about how I wanted to develop a methodology of teleportation. One that could be used by everyone on the planet, to travel anywhere they wanted to go.  About half the responses I received to this possibility were from people telling me not to discover or disseminate this information.  Why? Because, according to them, it was going to be used to abuse power, for criminals to pop up inside their bedrooms and rob or rape them. Basically, they were firmly against the dissemination of this technology due to fear. Plain and simple.  

I am no stranger to UFOs, I have seen them various times throughout my life, and usually in highly populated areas. It has occurred to me that most people wouldn't see them unless one points up to them and says, "look! there's a UFO up there!" and they would then see it. But often forget about it a couple of days later.   We are extremely good at limiting ourselves. Our own limits benefit our spectrum of reality, the things we become aware of, and the things we remember. The main reason is collective agreement of the reality we presently choose to live in. And a holding on to whatever importance and games we are heavily invested in.   One of the limits is about our true history. Where we came from, our origins, our nature, our abilities, capacities, and power.    As a collective, what was impossible 100 years ago, is now common. Change in reality happens all the time, and something that did not exist, or was possible one moment, is possible and completely normal the next. 

We do this as a society.  Each society having it's own limitations, awareness of surroundings, beliefs about men and women, family, power, and all the rest.  Even some countries in the West have fully embraced the knowledge and knowing that ETs and their crafts exist. But in the USA it's stilled officially "laughed at". Because the alternative would be for the shadow government having to share all the technology that has been reversed engineered by the shadow government and private enterprises.  It would mean that suddenly, we could all have small devices in our homes that would provide enough energy to run a regular house for hundreds of years and more.   But the more people who become aware of something, the more it becomes "normal" for us as a society, as a species, and the faster it manifests in our daily lives.  Anyone over 30 will remember the days before smartphones, for example, or even cell phones! They were just a fantasy depicted in sci-fi movies. Now look at us.  

Another interesting bit of information that is being "discovered" around the world is that our history goes way longer than the few thousand years we thought we even existed. And to support that information as true, all sorts of highly advanced cities and pyramids are beings discovered around the planet, in the Oceans, Poles, inside mountains (which were thought to be natural formations) and other interesting locations.  

So, what do ETs, UltraDs, UFOs and Teleportation have in common? Simple. It's "vibration", or resonance.  Looking back at the moments when I have seen UFOs, and the times when I was able to spontaneously teleport, the common denominator was vibration, or resonance to a certain frequency of vibration.  Think of it as a camera changing focus, or a radio changing stations. The moments in which UFOs appeared, they seem to be responding to an energy, feeling and a mind set I, that I and present individuals were feeling. It is almost like certain ET technology is designed to respond to us. This is clearly seen in key locations on the planet where people gather to UFO watch, or with those individuals who have learned to "call UFOs" at will. 

And at least one UFO technology appears to use teleportation through time and space to make themselves present in our 3D awareness of the world. Keep in mind that there are multiple races of ET, and UltraDs around. Not all friendly, or unfriendly, so use your discernment and process your fear (which can be used against you).  

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The fact that our shadow governments refuse to share this technology with us, that we are not educated on the use of teleportation or expanded awareness communication, CANNOT stop us from "discovering" these methods and technologies ourselves.  The more of us look at these topics, these possibilities (even if we think they are farfetched), the more of us look toward  these possibilities, without judgment, the faster and wider the door will open for us to access the technology and abilities. 

All we need are numbers.  More individuals looking.  We are extremely powerful by ourselves, and even more so when we join in intent.   What do you say?  Want to look in this direction with me? If so, share this article with anyone who you think would also be willing to join us in cracking this topic wide open and stimulate a change in our society that has ETs, UltraDs and their abilities and technology (including teleportation), as something completely "normal" in our culture, society and species.

Inelia Benz

Monday, June 9, 2014

All you, all the time

Your understanding of a sovereign being is not complete.  You do not embody sovereignty, but play at it with words.  As long as there is fear present as a gut reaction to an illusory form of any kind – animate or inanimate – you are not sovereign.  Sovereignty is not a condition only present when you have “won over” some deceptive or criminal act; it is present 24/7.

Mastery of the physical form will propel you to sovereignty.  Sovereignty is not merely a declaration of independence.  It is being true to only one form, the one that is embodied and focused on NOW. This truth can be understood many ways.

Full consciousness demands constant attention, tenacity and 100% of your ability. We humans have become lazy and in a sense demanding of our right to “take a break” from awareness and attention and focus – seeing these merely as “more work”.

This was intentional.  The enslavement was primarily always interested in our minds rather than our bodies.  If they (our minds) become exhausted or fruitless enterprises, we are easier to control.

Things like entertaining gadgets appeal to young ones especially; who are like sponges and then grow up addicted to everything a machine is saying to and about them.  This, RATHER THAN thinking, creating, or making a more productive, engaging and powerful existence.  Awareness of this manipulation is necessary for a complete picture of this life.

In order to alter the physical, you must hold no remnant of an idea that this is something that is “hard”.  Look at it as you would any skill you are attempting to Master.  There is trial and error, and as you explore you get better at it while it gets easier to do.

Mastery of anything takes attention and practice.  The steps utilized are:
More Exploration
and mostly – Repetition

Unless you have control of all the facets of creation at your disposal, you will not recognize your own hand when things show up.  What is meant by the term “control” is clarity and awareness.  The probability and possibility of manifestation exists at a much greater percentage than you give it credit for.  This is so that you remain asleep and unaware of the power in words, in situations, in sound and even in the places you gather.  All of these change the emotional level held and therefore what is created.

Consciousness is more than a full time job; it is a state of being.  Once you have gotten there, what happens is that your life can be more easily tracked and understood.  Not with a sense of blame or fault but with awareness – so that choices made are either desired or changed if they are not (desired).

All this is to say not that your life is your fault; rather that your life is YOU.  It is not partially you; it is a conglomeration of the result of your creative power.  Power which is and always has been affected by all you take in – your surroundings, environment and community.

If you take just one aspect of your life, specifically one in which you’ve divorced responsibility from, and really look at it – it becomes obvious how it occurs.  The thoughts you hold, beliefs you have, words you repeat silently or aloud, conversations you partake in, music and programs you listen to – all of these are creative.  You are a sponge but more than that – not an inert absorber of information, but a sentient being.  All that is taken in becomes then a part of what turns into your life.

Practice and repetition are necessary for Mastery of anything at all.  Mastery is not something magically bestowed on a deserving few, but the end result of focus and determination and intent by a single sovereign being.  This is you.  This is me.  This is us.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

All Together Now - "I AM"

Monday, June 2, 2014

Oneness:The Force of Creation

Picture In Dan Millman’s “The Laws of Spirit” is found this wonderful explanation of Oneness:

“The ‘you’ who refers to it as ‘my’ house is of course separate from the house…The ‘you’ who refers to it as ‘my’ body – is that ‘you’ also separate from the body? …Language reflects our fundamental view of reality…The ‘you’ who speaks through the body, who refers to ‘my’ house, ‘my’ body, ‘my’ soul, ‘my’ higher self, is, in the truest sense, pure Awareness itself.”

This life force coursing through everything is, in every sense, creation itself.  It never stops.  Never. It is constant.  As are you.

The process of creation incorporates you into the surrounding field. It is interesting in 3D how you are drawn to areas in which you find the ground most fertile.  These areas are specific to you and you alone.

What determines the correct balance of conditions (for creating the life you want) will depend on your level of awareness, degree of control and current plan.  Sometimes, just for excitement, you enjoy surprising yourself.  Other times your creative endeavors follow a specific path – you set a goal and expect results.  The specificity of your plan has everything to do with the way it is achieved.

You are choosing, intending, desiring and thinking 24/7.  In order for a new plan or blueprint to insert itself into your psyche you need first a knowing of who it is you are in the present moment.  What has to happen next is a new definition of you.  All of the attributes you desire will have to be absorbed into your conscious picture of you, (creating “fertile ground ") – as well, and more importantly, into your sub-conscious picture of yourself. 

Think of only your desired outcome.  Here, as Garret John says in his latest video –“patiently refuse(s) to observe any ... casualties”.  Think only of that which you desire.  Look with new eyes.  See that which you are.

What is seen as you and believed as you will always be – first, how you see yourselfAs the field becomes permanent, things are not altered so much as created anew.

You will thus become so hyper aware of who it is you intend to be, that he or she will radiate into your every moment and conversation – all you know are the attributes he or she holds – nothing else is real. 

He or she is real – not in some future moment, but now, as you. Throw yourself into him or her with your entire heart – this is different than desire.  This is a knowing.  This is the method of a conscious creator.

You are the One you’ve been waiting for.