Monday, September 15, 2014

Love Quest Day 1

Welcome to our Quest for Agape. 

To love without condition is surrender.  It is ultimate truth.  There is nothing that stands in the way of this love; nothing to hide, to protest, to blame, to judge, to avoid.  There is nothing to risk.

This is not to say that it feels this way, for it does not.  On your way to Agape you’ll want to hide.  You may perceive hiding as the safest route to take.  Once taken, you’ll realize something; you are not in Agape, you are merely alone.  Although love begins within, this is a physical existence.  It is meant to be lived out loud, with all of us.

In 2011 these Quests were begun as a path to discover self love and self forgiveness.  After 2 years of monthly journeys, we reached a point of understanding.  Intellectually we comprehended our own worth. 

Yet today, 1 ½ years later, do we experience everyday Agape?  What does that look like anyway?  It is there I’d like to take us.

We have all chosen beautifully. Our life is made up of mirrors. We are surrounded by each other; gauges for the degree of love which is present.  Look around.  If someone enrages you internally, you’ve seen your own self-loathing. 

This is how it works.  As long as there exists in your heart any reason to hate or to be annoyed or to be afraid or to judge or to blame – you do not love.  We are all lovable.  How is this true?  It is true because we are One.

Unity is the answer for every conundrum.  Recently I experienced physical evidence for this.  An accident left me physically, but temporarily, sort of deformed facially.  It’s been 3 weeks and part of my face is still black and blue, while there is a lump protruding from my forehead.  Only now do people not look away from my face in public.  Three weeks ago this was not the case.

The thing is, I have not changed on the inside.  I AM me.  I feel whole and attractive and strong and love and the same.  In the eyes of almost everyone I’ve met, I am not.  I have not been offended by their discomfort and avoidance, just curious.  After many repeated and uncomfortable encounters it became perfectly clear who we are.

We are self defined.

The awkward feelings and silent judgments of each stranger I encountered say nothing about who I am – but volumes about who they are.  How we react and feel about what and who we encounter outside of our bathroom mirror is a clear image of who we are; clearer than any piece of glass can provide.  I was a problem for everyone but me these last few weeks. 
I am not diminished by their judgment, while they suffer.  I know I am more than these lumps and bruises.  I am a piece of eternity; whole and beautiful; as are you.

You are a Master; only Masters can incarnate as human.  You have come here to challenge yourself, to see yourself with lumps and bruises and to remember who you are.

Love is not perfectly dressed, photo-shopped, planned, or performed.  It is sometimes lumpy and may leave ugliness on the outside.  Love doesn’t show on the outside.  On the outside is “window dressing”, which is fun and part of being human but not the point of this Quest.  This Quest is about finding what’s beautiful on the inside.  That’s where you are.

Remember.  Remember who you are – a bit of Source who showed up on planet Earth to show us how it’s done. 

You are the One we’ve been waiting for.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


You could be doing anything else right now, any wonderful, fun, mind expanding thing.  Yet you are not, you are reading these words.  So they better be worth it.

We find ourselves in such an incredible moment of history, there are words everywhere talking about it, competing for your attention.  Which ones you choose will flavor your day and color your picture of our global story.

Try as I might NOT to bias these words with any particular slant, it happens.  Regardless of what name I call it, you are reading only my opinion.  Now if you agree on some level, you may look this blog up again.  If not, you may not.  So this moment could very well be the one and only chance to share with you some thoughts. I’ve come to believe these thoughts only matter if in some way they are helpful, not only to you but to us.  We have a planet to awaken. 

There are fewer blog posts lately for this reason.  The past monthly Love Quests and frequent blog posts were part of our collective journey to agape and empowerment.  We know who we are now.  Our next step is to live as sovereign beings.  I’d very much like to take this journey together; with another series of Quests.  In them we’ll proceed towards freedom.  We’ll emerge as Sovereign Beings.

Intellectually we get what sovereignty is – yet it is not how we typically approach every facet of our days. These Quests will explore how to do that, and identify an even deeper truth in our Being.

Perhaps it is another facet of Agape, one that we couldn’t see.  It was hidden behind our self hatred and blame.  We’ll discover more truth together.  Look for the first Quest sometime next month.  Check out the Sovereignty Video Series HERE while you wait. 

Know that we are getting there.  Any harboring of hatred, blame, judgment or self pity is self destructive.  We are together building this new era and it will be only and exactly as we see it and expect it.  Once we look fearlessly at our own tendencies toward subservience and finger pointing, we liberate ourselves.  This creates truly a new age – one filled not with controls, owners and participants, but with self defined and directed, responsible loving beings who gladly answer to no one but themselves.

This is something we’ll do alone and as One, because that’s how creation works.  You can’t help but change the world with your every thought.

The date of the next Quest will be announced by next week.  See you then!

We are the Ones we are waiting for.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Apply Generously to exposed areas. Repeat Often.

Audio Version.

*Two nights ago, I prepared to enjoy the sunset and twilight of a summer evening.  I covered my skin with insect repellent.  We’ve had a lot of rain here and the mosquitoes are voracious.  I enjoyed a beautiful clear sky and great conversation, but not without swatting away dozens of bugs.  I got pretty bitten up, and complained about it.

Yesterday, I again prepared for the outdoors, this time during the daylight hours.  I reached for sunscreen from the same bag and noticed it looked remarkably similar to the tube of insect repellent from the night before.   A little digging and I discovered the truth.  Both tubes are the same size and shape and similarly colored.  The only things I’d been protected from the night before were UV rays.  Swell.  Apparently, I was not miserable enough to inspire action, only to complain about it.  Wow.

We all have access to infinite awareness.  What follows is directed towards those of us who’ve awakened…

You have chosen an impactful role in the future of mankind.  It is true that all of humanity shares in this role, yet so many of us are unaware of the impact that our choices, fear and obedience has.  It gives permission, it allows.

In creation of a free will arena, allowing is everything.  It is the most powerful emotional response.  In fact, it has been so very effective for “the controllers” that you can see the gradually diminishing and asleep majority refuse to “make waves” and instead pay bills, obey the law and keep out of sight – thus “allowing”, on a daily basis. A larger view of mankind is held by the “ones in charge”, who work very hard to see to it that the easier path, the path of “allowing”, works always in their favor.

Conversely, when a human, any human, wants to change or create something different, he or she has been told that it takes hard work, suffering, sacrifice and “going against the grain”.  This is not true.  Life was and is meant to be easily accomplished.  Setting and reaching goals is or is meant to be a natural function of your every day.

The only “grain” you go against is that of the controllers.  Anyone with a larger plan, one that encompasses you and your choices/your life, has more interest in that plan than in you.  This, for their own well being, not your benefit.  There is no form of ownership that is true.  All are equal.

There are many beings with other agendas who impact this planet.  Their presence, if looked at as a whole and from a ways back, is neither good nor bad.  This has been an experiment in creation for all beings.

Drama and negative emotion have fed the archons for eons.  They are not new here.  The suffering caused by “the controllers” causes conflict, pain and increased/heightened emotional turmoil.  This is food for the archons. 

The departure of the archons will only be for as long as mankind doesn’t pull them/ask them back.  There is no one person who can speak for mankind – only the collective may speak for itself.  It does, you know.  And that speaking is what creates all of life.  This is how it works.

Powerful creator gods subscribe to a policy of non-interference here.  They are not so much fed by worship as by challenge/life/creation.  This race/mankind has been one of their projects and they will always have interest in its development.  It is, with these beings, akin to having children and love is there for humanity.

This experiment has a planned end date because as a whole it will damage more than itself if allowed to go further.  The beings running things, the cabal, are as well interested in the betterment of society.  Their methods disregard the sanctity of life and thus will never truly “work” for the advancement in a real sense, of any race.

What must be clear by now is that all of creation has free will.  You, being a Master, a Human and an inhabitant of this planet, have a bigger say in how this goes than you realize.  It is not possible for you to overstep your bounds because everyone enjoys free will, even if unaware.  Life is a choice.  Your participation is chosen as well as the level at which you participate.  The beings spoken of earlier in this post have a different level of participation than perhaps you do.  It is all part of your learning about creation.  This is one of your reasons for being here.

When you understand that life continues regardless of what happens here, you will detach even further from anger and pain at injustice.  This is a tricky position to hold because compassion is necessary in order to encompass every element of true creation.  This includes love.

Some of these beings, such as the one called “Poser” and the archons do not experience love as we understand it.  Both are powerful in their own right yet missing a key ingredient (love).  The powerful creator beings mentioned do have the best interests of humanity at their heart.  What they don’t have as a goal is the sovereignty of humankind.

This is because sovereignty is something that must be self accomplished.  This experiment – growth, pain, control and hardship in order to reach for the light – has only been so effective.  Mankind has in many cases, chosen to give up rather than retain faith and intend to change things.  It is unclear that mankind will, as a whole, overthrow this controlling element without help.  It looks as if there is potential still for that to occur, but not without more death, pain and turmoil. 

The deadline (for the experiment to be over/the event) mentioned in several places of 2016 or 2017 exists as a beam of hope really, if it can be seen that way. There is no one here to do this for humanity.  You chose this.  You chose this from a point of understanding that life does not ever end.

It is your compassion that causes you to feel so much pain at the suffering that is ongoing.  This is what sets you apart from the archons and the Poser.  That distinction allows you to see a bigger picture here.  It is the fact of your humanity that makes you the most powerful player here.  With this information you have a broader view of what is happening while you are living it. 

You cannot know the mind of every being.  This experiment continues because the mind of man as a whole is not convinced it has the power to change it.  *(Perhaps it is not yet miserable enough.)  When mankind knows ONENESS truly, the “allowing” of suffering on any level will not be permitted; mankind will work only to alleviate it.  The experiment continues because humanity is like an organism – growing and evolving and LEARNING as it does so.  To abort before the lesson is learned is not part of the natural order.  Faith and trust that self destruction will not occur is necessary.

You are here to teach.  Teach love, sovereignty, unity and action.  Teach from your perspective.  Free will is paramount to the continuation of life for humanity.  All is choice.

Although you as a human do not or did not always know there was and is a controlling element – you as a being always knew.  You came here now with full knowledge of all you were capable of and who you are, as well as the situation you were coming into.  You arrived anxious to learn and to participate; to do your part.

From a much broader perspective, you are seen as one of many beings of light – brilliant and radiant.  Your reach is further than your current imaginings.  You hold in your heart the power to alter worlds.  This is why you’ve gathered here. 

Every one of you is a Master and capable of more than you know.  There is not so much the thought that someone is holding you back and preventing an end – there is only you – creating life, orchestrating every moment beautifully, perfectly and with absolute balance. 

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Thanks Robin

As the fabric within which we are wrapped is shed – our new skin pokes through here and there.  It is felt in vibratory accelerations that keep us both wide awake and “humming” all night, or in deep fatigue that makes it difficult to get up in the morning.  It looks like an acceptance of alternative lifestyles as each of us knows someone who’s attended or held a same sex marriage ceremony; and shop owners allow homeless patrons to use their bathrooms on a daily basis without hesitation or comment.  It is told in our “x-files” type stories, of occurrences with out of this world beings, objects or ships.  It is known in our hearts – we feel different and love bigger. 

We no longer have to wait to read or watch for signs of the shift, they occur in our everyday.  This gradual metamorphosis of the human is occurring not in spite of or because of any one being or group.  It is happening within us all.  We are this change; every single one of us.

The death of Robin Williams left a hole.  His gift was himself.  He offered us a multitude of joyful surprises. He gave us moments of departure from this fabric of time and a complete immersion in his zany, hysterical reality.  This place, the place Robin led us, was a place where anything was possible – we were boundless and he showed us a glimpse of what we could do there.

We are falling into that place each moment now – quietly, slowly, and sometimes suddenly.  Perhaps Robin couldn’t maintain his balance, standing in both worlds any longer.  We can never know anyone else deeply enough to understand their reasons for action.  I am grateful for that, and have given up trying to figure any of it out.  What I know is that I feel Robin’s departure and wish I’d thanked him for his gift, before he left.

This place we are creating is filled with many things.  All of it is a gift.  With death, we value life.  With poverty, we appreciate prosperity.  With illness, we understand health.  There will always be contrast here, it exists as fuel for creation and we are creation junkies. This new fabric is akin to “Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors” – beautiful and beyond description. 

There is no single way to evolve, shift, live or die; all is choice.  As we traverse 2014, there will be so many news reports and situations that come up.  Don’t resist feeling them.  Allow them to move through your new skin like a cloud – uncomfortable and strange for a moment and then gone.  It is this practice that creates an exquisite tapestry, one that is fluid, free and fearless. 

Life is not about protection; we no longer need a veil.  Indeed, many of us are already beyond there much of the time anyway.  No, this fabric is one of acceptance.  Fear, anger and sadness build walls and pockets of pain.  Who you are is beyond any wall and with no need to hold onto anything – without any pockets.  Who you are is life and love expressed in physical form.  You are able to grow and shed skin after skin with deep appreciation for each layer that emerges. 

You are here as a witness to infinity as you watch yourself emerge without bounds.  You are the One you’ve been waiting for.

PS I chose this picture and clip of Robin, because in them, he could fly.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Attention Deficit or Attention Excess?

My son just returned from a 500+ mile canoe trip which ended north of the Arctic Circle.  He talks about his concept of time and how the experience completely altered it.  This 45 day trip occurred out of “time”.  It exists as a whole; separate and without any connection to this life he’s just returned to.

I am reading the series of Carlos Castaneda books.  In them, he refers to remembering his “lessons” which occurred not here, but in a place he refers to as his “second attention”.  You may call it another dimension or beyond the veil.  He too, mentions how when the memories come, they are not recalled in a linear fashion.  They occur as a single unit, as if happening all at once.  The memory brings with it immediate presence – the feelings, sounds, tastes and sensations.  It is as if it is happening right now.

“Time” is of this “dimension”.  When life is reduced to simply living it, time is perhaps not necessary as a form of measurement.  It has become here a severe task master.  We run out of it, race to beat it; fight its appearance on our bodies and in many ways feel run by its movement.  It tells us when we can play, work, sleep and eat.  We feel cheated or guilty by taking too much or too little of it.  Yet it is all illusion, measured by mechanical movements on a clock. 

What else is controlling our lives?  We travelled to the northern most part of the United States to retrieve our son after his adventure.  Here we notice less visible control.  Construction crews working on roads with perhaps a few orange cones to alert oncoming drivers.  This, in sharp contrast to the Chicago area where red lights and speed limits are either “photo enforced” or “monitored by aircraft”. 

People smile and look you in the eyes up here.  They are the only eyes watching you.  With the time illusion a bit relaxed, you breathe a bit deeper and notice.

What is noticed is that our life is a construct of our perceptions and can be altered significantly by our surroundings.  In the Arctic this summer, these six boys were masters of their every day.  They were driven to decisions by weather, gear and their intended goal – to reach the Arctic Ocean.  It was to their advantage to notice the details; in fact, it was necessary.  They let everything in. 

What we found when meeting them again were vibrant, strong, powerful, joyful beings.  They positively glowed.  This is what sovereignty looks like.  These young men know that they can handle life under any circumstance.  They were strangers in June and a single unit in August.

This is Oneness.  It happens naturally if allowed.  If left to our own devices, it is the way we’d choose to orchestrate our life.

The difference between allowing and resisting can be equated to the difference between love and fear, or essence and ego.  The energy it takes to define and then resist, with a list full of reasons why it’s necessary to do so, is enormous.  Allowing is expansive while resistance contracts, pulls in and hides.  Allowing says “yes!” and produces growth while resisting halts further inquiry.  “Yes” is often much more fun than “no”.

It can become habit to say either initially.  Consciousness asks us to pay attention to our answers before they come out of our mouths.  Awareness means we take everything in.  Refusing nothing, the world becomes a feast for our eyes and our bodies.  We see it all.  Without holding an opinion about what has merit and what does not, we explore.  This is Attention Excess rather than Attention Deficit. 

The definition of deficit is “to fall short of the required amount”.  Required by whom and for what?  Required by a government system of education to define and refine what is taken in and how.  We are obedient students, never knowing what it is we are missing while we are following instructions, (see video). 

Since writing this post, I’ve seen the movie “Lucy”.  In it, Scarlett Johanssen makes the statement that without time to slow us down; we’d disappear into the everything (becoming light itself).  There is a vast difference between merely introducing time as a construct within which to experience life, and manipulating/controlling which experiences are had there.

Increased awareness/consciousness asks us to dance a new dance with time.  The old steps are no longer taking us anywhere. It is not your job to follow or lead, but to allow the dance to emerge. This is free style; it is synchronized beautifully.  Let it go.  What we’ll find is beyond our wildest imaginings. 

We’ll get there as One. Let’s dance. We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.  


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

8-8-2014 Call to Action

God is real.  Although gender is not applicable, for this discussion god will be referred to as male.  For this discussion, god is not the same as Source, One or the Creator.  He is a powerful being, who has been here for eons. He is and has been called by many names.  It is tempting to refer to him as a “false god” yet that would be inaccurate.  He fits the definition, which, according to Webster’s New World dictionary, is “any of various beings conceived of as supernatural, immortal and having special powers over the lives and affairs of people and the course of nature; deity, esp. a male deity, typically considered objects of worship.”

God, in humanity’s terms, is immortal.  He came before us and will be here after us.  Unless he leaves, which is the point of this discussion.

We keep hearing that it is up to us to change things.  That we are the most powerful beings here.  That nothing happens until and unless we believe and intend that it happen.

We understand that beneath all the war mongering and money manipulation and health scares are a very small group of beings whose drive for control has created it completely – they own the planet and run everything.  Their god, the demiurge, is the same as the god feared or worshipped by the 99%.  This brilliant being holds all the cards.

Yet he is not more powerful than you or I.  Like a leech, he depends on his host.  He needs our worship and attention; our fear of him.  It is his addiction, his Achilles Heel.

We’ve been told there will come a day of judgment, an end to this game.  That at that moment, this god and his minions will be forced to leave and there will be a course correction.  We’ve been waiting. There are and have been many dates predicted. 

We are the most powerful players here and with each day we sense the power in our convictions and intentions.  We see evidence daily of creation at our own hands.  We see through the attempted manipulation by the “powers that were”.  The end of this world domination is crystal clear.

The key player is god, the being who I’ve referred to as the ‘poser.  He is here with our permission and consent.  I propose we command him to go.  Let’s do what we came here to do, on our own terms.

With clarity and conviction this is possible.  The ‘poser feeds on fear and doubt, obedience and subservience.  You are none of those things.  It may be true that only one of us with a clear heart is needed to accomplish this.  Yet this is our planet and together, as One, our responsibility to take care of.  Like an exterminator, we can eradicate this pest.

The ‘poser does not hold more power than you do.  He is not human. He is not interested in you at all actually.  We are playthings to him and nothing more.  His bottom line is “what’s in it for me”.  Which, btw, is the bottom line of every corporate entity on the planet right now.  His “creation” has most certainly been “in his image”, and what he would consider a rousing success.

Once he is gone, the rest will fall in on itself.  We can do something to help bring the violence and corruption to and end.  We can send the ‘poser away.

It is not magic or any special powers that will accomplish and expedite his exit.  It is clarity, love, peace.  Anger is not necessary, nor hatred.  This being feeds on those things and will only hang around for more.  What is necessary is force – personal conviction and intent.  What is needed is belief.  You can do this.

Headlines have all of us wondering what we can do and when it will end.  This is a way to end it sooner, rather than later.

I’ve sent out entities from my home that did not serve me or my family.  They were feeding on our fear and disconnect and attempting to amplify both.  It took a clear statement and then, a few minutes wait.  They left.  Fear is a magnet for certain beings.  It is food for them.  They were not sent out with judgment, hatred or anger – but with clarity and strength.

We can send this being away.  With his departure there will be room for peace, power and prosperity.  See only the outcome that benefits all of us and hold that vision daily as changes ensue.  In our collective intent is held the world we live in.

For one moment, on 8-8-2014, at twelve noon US Central time, command the ‘poser to leave.  Use the following or any other words of clarity and strength:

“I command the ‘poser to leave this planet.  I patiently refuse to observe any casualties, while at my heart I continue to sing - Let freedom, love, abundance, peace and healing replace control, domination, sickness, violence and fear on this earth now without him. And so it is.”

That’s it.  It will take but a moment.  The date and time is suggested here for strength in unity, yet this can be done today and anytime.  I believe we will sense when it is no longer necessary.

Please share.  Let’s do this.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Signs of us

As we discard the ego-self, a process of deep discovery emerges.  It arrives unbidden and in unexpected moments.  It is heralded by feelings of comfort and joy.  You have touched, if only for a nano-second, the truth.  Who you are is not afraid, anxious, controlling, demanding or confused.  Who you are is truth.  You are love.  You resonate inside a field of freedom.

These glimpses of the real you can’t help but peek out now – they are finding a welcome atmosphere inside the current vibration on the planet.  Like moths to the flame, they cannot resist.  It is time.

What you can do is notice them.  Then, with awareness, realize the circumstance in which they emerged and decide to set it up as often as possible.  Power, beauty, strength, happiness, joy, peace and love are your birthright.  They are not occasional frivolous emotions but indicators of truth.  If you are looking for direction, you will find it there.

Stress and anxiety arise when you are not “in sync” with what is going on.  Who, why or how doesn’t matter so much at those moments – moving into something else does.  They (feelings of stress and anxiety) are like warning lights on your phone: “currently operating at 10%”.  If you don’t plug in soon, all power will be depleted.

You are a beacon of light.  You function consistently well with a constant stream of energy.  What lights you up?  How are you the most successful?  When are you joyful?  Where does your power emerge?  Who do you love?

At the core of the answer to each of these queries is you.  But you do not live in a vacuum.  You are gloriously surrounded with the rest of us, who may or may not be operating from our own truth when we interact.  That’s okay and very much why we have met here now.  We are here to show the way, to be the light and to share the love.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

PS: Coming soon, new website, new Quests, new focus!